Friday, June 14, 2013

Japanese Irises

There are irises planted in a few areas of my yard, but the entire North-East side is dedicated to them. I fondly call it the "iris garden" side of the house (which is a bit of an exaggeration), and so enjoy the spring/early summer display of yellows, peaches, and purples. There are a few spots of these smaller Japanese Irises that were transplanted from my mom's garden and I just love them.

One section happened to grow in this line of six, and I thought it was a great composition. Perhaps I should have started with painting one iris, as they were quite complicated to paint, especially with a knife! However, I am so proud of the final painting and definitely feel I stretched myself as an artist with this one. I hope you enjoy it!

12x24 Oil on Museum Quality Panel

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  1. Thought you'd lik to know, I was viewing an entire screen of Google image results (keyword: japanese Iris painting), clicked on the one that caught my eye, and it was yours. That is in competition with many generations of Japanese masters ( I lived in Japan 19 years, thus my interest), and yet yours stood out as clean, bold, and yet refined and realistic. You should feel good about that.