Monday, February 24, 2014

Moleskine Art

My break from painting oils has continued throughout the entire month of February. I have also cut way back on my computer time this month in regards to posting what I'm doing on my blog, putting on Facebook, Pinterest, my website, etc. I have put a few photos on Instagram, mainly because it's so easy! It has just been a lot lately, and I was missing too much time with my little guys.

However, I have found little windows of time to pull out my pen and little watercolor set. That has been a great learning experience for me. For one, pen can't be erased, so if there are drawing mistakes, oh well. That's part of the fun and taking some of the pressure off--it's not going to be "perfect". I am trying to select things to paint that I might not consider with my oils and palette knife. I am looking to push myself and grow while I "rest".

Have purchased lots of neat supplies, including awesome Moleskine books for drawing and watercolors. Seems there is quite a community of users, and lots of fun looking at all of the inspiration out there. Here are some of the things I've been doing in my Moleskines (all are 5x7 or smaller):

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