Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Keep Believing

This past week or two has been full of mixed emotions--yin and yang moments that have really pulled at my heart. For the past eight years I have been home raising my two little boys. In two days they will both be in school full time and it is really hard to reimagine my days.

I do look forward to more painting time, among other things, and thought I'd start out with some color play on these fun dandelion pieces. (Visit my website to see the others.) I shared this particular one on my Facebook art page yesterday and one man wrote, "Great colors, but they're just dandelions." I shared the comment with my husband and he was disappointed, but for that man and probably many others I guess it's true. They are just dandelions!! But for others, I guess some like to focus on the feelings or the memories associated with this particular image.

6x6 on 1/8" museum quality panel

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