Monday, December 7, 2015

Crown of Jewels

There is a historical building that had been boarded up for decades in my town. The building itself has always been a mystery. Recently the building was purchased and restored by a local family. Renovations have been going on for many many months and of course exciting details traveled from ear to ear. What would it look like? Would the original details be restored? When would it be finished? What would it be used for?

There was an open house inviting all of us curious types to come and view the space, which was completely breathtaking, open and restored beautifully to its original splendor. While speaking with some of the purchase family, I learned the style of the building which is Second Empire Baroque (also referred to as Napoleon III) and most popular around 1870. I was definitely inspired and decided to paint the crown of Napoleon III, intricate and jewel-laden, much like this jewel in our town.

12x12 on 7/8" cradled museum quality panel

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