Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elephant with R & F Pigment Sticks

There is nothing looser for me than painting with these oil pigment sticks. I love them for doing more abstract pieces, but love the look here too. This elephant is an adorable accompaniment to a donkey that I did in the same size and bright style. (No politics intended!)

10x10 on 1/8" Museum Quality Panel

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Allium Lusitanicum

These ornamental onions are one of my favorites, blooming here mid to late summer. One plant grows in a cluster of about 20 flowers and are a much smaller variety, a bit larger than a ping pong ball. The interesting thing about this plant is that it is a perennial instead of a bulb and flowers for much longer.

This is the fourth time I've painted alliums, but the first time I've done so with a brush. 

6x6 on 1/8" museum quality panel

Monday, August 18, 2014

Low Rider

After painting the last blue car so loosely with the knife, I thought I'd try first drawing, then painting this car as I normally would. I like this painting, but it's not as exciting to me as the first one. The other was a photo I worked hard to capture of a moving vehicle with a story to tell, where this one was a photo of a parked car. Could be the colors, or the looseness of the previous painting...

I'm going to try and paint some more car images--I do love a cool car!

6x6 oil palette knife painting 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Going Paddle Boarding

I must have looked quite foolish snapping photos of this awesome car and board while on the interstate. You'll be happy to know I was the passenger (not the driver!) moving from front seat into the back to get a shot. I liked this view as it seemed to have movement.

As an interesting side note, this is the first painting I've done (with the knives) where I haven't drawn or sketched the image onto the panel first. I often just jump right in while using the brushes, so I thought I'd see how it would go. Better than I thought--definitely looser! 

6x6 oil palette knife painting

Sunday, August 10, 2014


This little painting was done using a limited palette and was so enjoyable to paint. At first look pandas of course look black and white, but there is so much color in the light and shadows... A lot like my experience in painting chickadees. I'm very happy with it!

6x6 on 1/8" Museum Quality Panel/Brush

Saturday, August 2, 2014

At the Panda Preserve

My husband just returned from two weeks in China where he performed and took part in many "Building Bridges" activities with other countries. He was part of a group of people who went with the school district to learn and share different teaching methods with each other. While traveling around, some of the group, including my husband, were lucky enough to travel to the panda preserve and learn about caring for these beautiful animals. This photo was shared with me courtesy of one of his travel companions, Heather Distefano. Thank you Heather!

11x14 on 1/8" Museum Quality Panel

A close-up of the knife work: