Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brick Layer?

This is such an exciting piece for me--one of those I may have to hang on my own wall to remember as a fond learning experience. There was a lesson in looseness here; this time in the form of bricks. I had spent nearly two hours painstakingly laying in the bricks on the right wall, and nearly finished, decided they had to go. So I scraped them off (another perk to using oils, and a knife!) and just went for it as you see here. Instead of all the detail, I tried to focus on the shapes and forms.

Another thing that I was happy with was the depth that was created in the space above the door and for the window. The bars were intimidating, but so worth it in the end! All in all, this painting was so much fun to create and I had a "just go for it" attitude, which is very freeing. This painting was also done with a limited palette, which has really helped me find good color harmony in each piece. Thanks for visiting--I hope you enjoy it!

8x10 Oil on Museum Quality Panel


  1. I love the looseness Hallie! I am challenge by that, too! This painting is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Kim--I appreciate your comments!