Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stages of a Painting SOLD

This painting was a commissioned piece of a beautiful property here in the mid-west. I was given amazing artistic license to create a painting that was inspiring to me. This painting was done using a limited palette mixed from five paints. I love the look of dawn that was created and how harmonious the colors are together. I hope you enjoy it.

I have included some of the photos I took documenting the stages of this painting.

12x12 Oil on Museum Quality Panel

I started with my darkest dark and put in the sky.
I continued with the darks. The trees were started, and immediately debth was created.
After the trees were completed, the barn just popped from the panel. Next I started the reds.
Continued with the different structures, including a shaded roof in the back.
Here I did the main and side roof, and started the windows and trim work.
This photo shows the fencing and start of the foreground.
In the last photo you see the completed painting, with the three trees and a few bushes.