Sunday, January 12, 2014

Silver Dollars

Silver dollars so remind me of my Grandma Cronin and my childhood. I remember watching her and learning how to peel the papers from each side by rubbing it between my finger and thumb. They were nothing special, dried out and almost dirty looking, until those sides were removed. Then, a few seeds would fall out, and there in the middle was an irredescent, translucent, milky white paper--as if by magic.

6x6 Oil Palette Knife Painting

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  1. I have the same memories! Magic...I like this painting a lot.

  2. Beautiful! I have similar memories with my mom and this plant only we always called it money plant, silver dollar plant is probably a more descriptive and proper name. I have a brown paper bag with a few precious "coins" from her. Thank you for the memory... she would have loved this.

    1. Yes, I saw there were many names for this plant when I looked online for the "proper name"! Thanks for sharing Jaime.