Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Normally when I do a painting, I make grid lines and draw it out with a good amount of detail. For this one I did a sketch in yellow with my brush and just got right to it. I kept intending to switch to palette knife along the way, but was liking it so much I just stuck with the brush. I have to say, painting so loosely felt awesome. Must. Do. More. Often.

Years ago my husband and I had a pair of goldfinches in our yard, and I always referred to them as Husband and Wife, thus the title. I did a painting very similar to this one in 2009, and knew it was time for an update. He is paired with some coneflowers, which are one of my favorite flowers. This painting just makes me happy.

12x12" oil on 1/8" museum quality panel/brush

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